Day 407: A little audience

Day 407

Today was another long day of conducting user training.  Thankfully, most of the initial issues during the first training have already been ironed out so today went more smoothly, but I was still glad to complete a total of almost 6 hours talking today!

I was able to get to the gym at a good time today, which is to say, not too late.  Most of today’s training plan was 2X20 (high-rep), lower-weight, with short rest periods (45-60s) alternating between exercises.  However, the very first exercise was 4X4 sets of barbell clean pulls.  That mean today I brought out the Olympic bar again out from its place of hiding in a corner of the gym.  By the time I have finished setting up by putting the large plates on the bar and an extra layer of foam padding on the floor, I noticed I had a small audience.  At first it was only 2 people, but by the fourth set there were about 5 people watching me and talking about what I was doing.  I’ve never seen anybody else do deadlifts at that gym, especially using an Olympic bar, so I would have been an unusual sight.  I think the attention also gave me extra motivation to give my best while doing the deadlifts, as it seemed to me that the sets flew by much more quickly than before!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 407 - Front Day 407 - Back Day 407 - Side

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