Day 405: Balance

Day 405

Today at work was the first day of end-user training for the software that my co-worker and I are installing. Though there was only one session for today, it was quite a challenge as I had to gauge how well my audience comprehended what I was saying. Most of my audience were not very good with English yet (and some of them are still studying the language), so I had to slow down my presentation in some parts.

So after a long day, I was raring to get to the gym to blow off some steam.  Unfortunately, the traffic was quite heavy on the way back to the hotel, so I arrived a little later than usual.  As soon as I got to the hotel, I simply prepared my protein shake, changed, grabbed two bottles of water, then went to catch the bus.  Thankfully, I did not have to wait too long to get one.

Today’s training was composed of jump squats (3X5, 75s rest), pullups alternating with barbell overhead push presses (both 4X10, 60s rest), single-leg supine hip extensions alternating with Bulgarian split squats with the front foot elevated (both 4X10, 60s), and then finally crunches alternating with 3-point planks.  While doing my sets, an acquaintance of mine at the gym (one of the few who could speak English) asked me why I do such difficult exercises for my legs, and work them out often.  He wondered whether I specialized in a sport which required me to strengthen my legs.  I replied that I just like working out my legs.  I should have added that I also want to achieve balance in my physique, as so often you see people at they gym with very good upper bodies but weak lower bodies.

Knowing that I arrived at the gym a little later than usual, I tried as much as possible to stick to my planned rest periods.  That kept my training session fast paced and by the end of it, I was suitably wiped out.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 405 - Front iDay 405 - Back Day 405 - Side

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