Day 403: Weekend training

Day 403

My planned training was postponed by a day as our client invited us for a Friday night out for dinner and drinks.  We had a nice meal at a Japanese restaurant, and I kept myself to just two drinks.  After dinner we headed for a bar with a good Filipino band playing to a packed house.  I just had Vietnamese coffee, perfect accompaniment to the thumping music.

After catching up on sleep this  Saturday morning, I went to the gym to do my training.  Today was barbell clean pulls, front squat to overhead push press alternating with reverse lunges, cable rows alternating with dumbell bench presses, and then finally reverse woodchops alternating with 3-point planks.  Most of the exercises were 4X10 with 60 seconds rest.  I tried as best as I could to stay close to the rest timings, but at times it was very difficult and I had to extend the rest a bit.  The hot humid weather during the day didn’t make the training session any easier.

My coworker and I then had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant where we were able to sample a good variety of food which we have not tried before.  There were lots of vegetables, rice, barbecued chicken and pork, and some traditional desserts, some of which reminded us both of the food back home.  After watching a movie and walking around a bit, we then had dinner at a creperie where we had both savoury (chicken) and dessert (fruit) crepes.

With all the good food today, I think I have to do some cardio work tomorrow, either a swim or a HIIT run!

Day 403 - Front Day 403 - Back Day 403 - Side

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