Day 400: Getting better at the exercises

Day 400

Today’s training was set B of Built for Show’s Spring program, phase 2.  There were jump lunges (3X5, 75s rest), pullups alternating with barbell overhead push presses (both 5X5, 60s rest), supine hip extensions alternating with Bulgarian split squats with the front foot elevated (both 5X5, 90s rest), and then finally, crunches (2X20) alternating with 3-point planks for 60s (no rest in between).  Both the supine hip extensions and the crunches were supposed to be done with a Swiss ball, but there is none available at the gym I am currently going to, so I substituted simpler exercises.  Today, I also forgot to bring my watch with me to the gym, which somehow allowed me to finish my workout faster than I thought I would.  That’s a good thing for all but the 3-point planks; I think I counted a bit too fast on that particular exercise.  On one set of the barbell push presses, i accidentally hit myself with the bar below the chin—my head was in the way, hehe.  Overall though, I think I am getting better at execution of the new exercises.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 400 - Front Day 400 - Back Day 400 - Side

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