Day 395: Second set of new exercises

Day 395

Today I did the second set of new exercises for second phase of Built for Show’s spring program.  New for me today were barbell clean pulls, front squat to barbell overhead push presses, and reverse lunges.  It was hard to do the barbell clean pulls as there were no bar clamps and the weights tend to slide off the bar every time I set the bar down between reps.  I really have to get bar clamps of the right size in order for me to get the best out of my future training sessions.  The fron squat to barbell overhead push presses were also a bit hard to get the hang off, especially the transitions between the two phases where you have to roll the bar on and off the tips of the fingers to the palms, so I wasn’t able to reach the required 20 reps on each of the two sets of that exercise.

Anyway, at least now that I have tried out all the exercises, my future training sessions should go bit better.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 395 - Front Day 395 - Back Day 395 - Side

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