Day 391: Finishing strong

Day 391

It was another good training session for me to finish Phase 1 of the spring program of Built for Show. In preparation for this session, I looked for and found some bar collars at a big sports club in the city over the weekend, since the gym I go to either never had them, or they walked out the gym a long time ago. Unfortunately, what I bought proved to be too small for the bars at the gym, so I wasn’t able to use them at all. I am now hoping that I can get them exchanged next time I drop into the city centre.

Having no bar collars meant that I wasn’t able to do my squat jumps using a barbell as I had planned, and instead had to use dumbbells held at my sides (above a certain weight, holding it on your shoulders and jumping can be dangerous, as I found out myself). The other parts of my training session went according to plan; the bulk of the (whole-boy) training session was composed of alternating 4X10 push and then pull exercises. I returned to my hotel after my workout suitable soaked in sweat.

I will starting Phase 2 of the Spring program on my next training session. I am looking forward to the new set of challenges.

Day 391 - Front Day 391 - Back Day 391 - Side

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