Day 388: Learning a bit of Vietnamese

Day 388

It was a long busy day for me at work, trying to complete a side-project I was doing while at the same time making sure that I progressed my main project and supervised the work of my coleague, who was working as part of my team. I was also getting annoying crashes all the time with Microsoft Word while I was working on the documentation for my project. At the end of the day I was really looking forward to blowing of some steam at the gym.

My training session today was 5X3 dumbbell snatches, 4X10 front squats alternating with 4X10 step ups, 4X10 barbell bent-over row alternating with 4X10 incline barbell presses, and then finally 2X15 cable woodchops alternating with two 45-second three-point planks. I did notice a few in my previous sessions, but today there were quite a few people looking at me while I was doing dumbbell snatches. There was even one guy who approached me and I think was asking about the exercise I was doing, but I couldn’t answer as I couldn’t understand much Vietnamese at all and I don’t think the person understood much English. I did learn how to ask for a “lock”, as in padlock for a locker, which the lady at reception (who is the wife of the owner, who is a well-known professional bodybuilder here in Vietnam) graciously taught me.

On a side note, I noticed that my posture from the side has regressed a bit, and I need to learn how to stand up straight again without protruding my ribcage forward to much. I’m not sure if the somewhat less than ideal seats at the work site is influencing my posture.

There’s still no internet access from my room, so I again am posting from the hotel lobby and couldn’t do much else online.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 388 - Front Day 388 - Back Day 388 - Side

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