Day 386: Sweating buckets

Day 386

Today I was in the gym again for a strength-focused workout, doing jump squats, 5X5 sets of pullups alternating with dumbbell overhead push presses, 5X5 sets of dumbbell Romanian deadlifts alternating with Bulgarian split squats, and then finally 2X20 reverse crunches alternating with 2 sets of 45s side planks each side. By this time, I was pretty familiar with the equipment in the gym I am going too. Every so often, other gym-goers try to either try to take the dumbbells I am using or otherwise ask permission to work in. In the second case, I try to gesture that we can share, and they soon find out I don’t understand anything that they’re saying!

Just like before, I finished the workout drenched in sweat. This time, I tried wringing both my gym towel and my a-shirt, and from both, I was able to get a healthy amount of fluid! More than half of the gym goers there don’t bother to wear tops anymore, a reflection of the heat and humidity in the gym, I guess.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 386 - Front Day 386 - Back Day 386 - Side

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