Day 384: Getting into the groove in this city

Day 384

Sorry I haven’t been able to update for a week. I wasn’t able to work out last Wednesday (Day 379) as I was caught in a big traffic jam on the way back from work. I resumed on Friday (Day 381), but wasn’t able to post then or over the weekend as the internet has been down in the hotel I am staying in since Thursday. I am posting today from the hotel’s staircase, where the neighbouring hotel’s wifi signal reaches (it’s a small hotel right next to another small one, so wifi signals can get through the walls even if the signal is barely usable).

Today’s workout was the 5X5 set A, composed of dumbbell snatches, front squat + step up alternating sets, bent-over barbell row + incline barbell press alternating sets, and then finally cable woodchop alternating with 3-point plank. I was able to time my workout just right so that I was able to catch the bus from the gym to the area I am staying in; otherwise, I would have had to spend about 7 times as much for a motorcycle taxi (xe om) or 20 times as much for a regular taxi!

My back pain has started to subside a few days ago, but has reappeared about two days ago. I think I am still not supposed to sleep for too long on my left shoulder as I have done, since the bed is not really that soft.

I am slowly getting back to a regular eating schedule again by bringing snacks of fruit or yoghurt to work so that I can eat approximately every 3 hours. I am however, sometimes tempted to try out some of the nice food available around the central business district!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 384 - Front Day 384 - Back Day 384 - Side

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