Day 377: I’ve found a suitable gym in Saigon!

Day 377

Over the past two weeks I have been looking around for a suitable gym here in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where I am currently staying for a 2-3 month work project. I’m staying outside of the city centre in a newly developed primarily residential area. There is a gym in the compound, but it was very expensive and facilities are very, very limited, as it caters more to recreational gym goers. After some more searching, I found a good neighbourhood gym a few kilometres away, run by a Vietnamese bodybuilder, with most of the facilities you expect from a gym for serious trainees. Though it’s a bus or “xe om” (motorcycle taxi) ride away, it still works out cheaper for me to go there, with better facilities and atmosphere to boot! I’m excited to go there tonight after work.


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