Day 377: Back!

Day 377

After a two-week hiatus, tonight I was back into the gym!  As I mentioned in my previous post, I found a suitable gym in the next district.  I can get there by bus, but buses here in Saigon are infrequent and don’t follow the timetable strictly.  Thus, after having dinner immediately after arriving from work, I waited at the bus stop, and waited, and waited.  I was losing precious time until the gym closes, so I decided to take a motorcycle taxi instead.  It cost me a bit more than last time, but as I was in a rush and there was a slight drizzle already coming, I was in no mood to bargain too hard (hey, it still only cost me about a dollar to go about 4 km).

When I arrived at the gym it was packed with locals doing their after-work training.  It wasn’t airconditioned, so it was very hot and humid.  I didn’t care too much though; I was just happy to be working out again in a good gym with most of the equipment I needed. Due to the crowd, however, I wasn’t able to do alternating sets of two different exercises (front squats and step ups) for my lower body.  I finished my session very, very sweaty!

Going back to my hotel was another challenge, as there were no more buses by that time of night, and it was raining.  I was forced to use a motorcycle taxi again and go a little bit wet riding in the rain, but hey, I was already sweat-soaked anyway!

The other reason why today’s post is entitled “Back!” is because my back has bit hurting a bit since a week ago, as I am not used to sleeping on a very firm bed at the hotel. Hope I get adjusted to it soon.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 377 - Front Day 377 - Back Day 377 - Side

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