Day 365: A year into a new way of life, and new challenges

Day 365

It’s now a year since I began my first physique transformation mission!  Back in Day 1, I was still learning how to make fitness and working toward my goals a part of my life. I felt at that time that it was the time, when the opportunity was there and all I had to do was make the most of it. I was working alone on a project in Brisbane, had access to resources (gym, ready supply of healthy and familiar food, a kitchen, and lots of motivation), so all I had to do was execute a plan everyday. Mission 1 was a hard slog, but I was really encouraged by the results and after that knew that becoming fit and staying that way will be a way of life for me.

Fast forward to today. It’s my third day in a totally new country for me (I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Vietnam), unfamiliar language, staying in a very basic hotel room without my own kitchen. Very few people understand English around where my coworker and I are staying. Just found out on my second day that the hotel only cooks breakfast on request, so we asked for breakfast for every day of our 2-3 month stay. Scoped around the area and found a basic gym, quite expensive given what it had to offer. The commute to and from work every day is about an hour each way with some very very bumpy roads for almost half of the way. Food choices within walking distance are limited if we avoid the street food vendors.

Lunch is served to us everyday, but you had no choice as to what is on offer. The good thing is, the food served for lunch has so far been good; usually lightly steamed or braised vegetables, an omellette, and soup in a light broth, coupled with rice.

So there are lots of challenges. I’m not sure if I can continue the training program I’m following right now (Built for Show), but I’ll continue to get some regular exercise somehow. I’ve bought some fruit from a roadside cart last night to bring to work, as I find that I am hungry every 3 hours as I am used to eating that often. I know however, that as long as I can keep focused on my goals, I can get through these challenges and come out stronger.

P.S. I’m posting this a bit late as the internet connection at the hotel cuts out at exactly half past 10 at night every day!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

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