Day 361: Back to the basics

Day 361

It was a pretty unusual day for me today.

I treated my coworkers to lunch at a Japanese restaurant today, as my birthday is up in a few weeks and I’ll be on the road again starting Sunday, so I didn’t bring my usual lunch boxes to work.

Instead of training at the big chain gym I go to, today I decided to try out a much smaller neighbourhood “Mom and Pop” (or rather, “Bro and Bro”) gym.  Compared to the commercial gym, this one was pretty basic: free weights, a few cable machines, none of the fancy machines that work just one body part (like the inner/outer thigh machines), and no airconditioning.  Like most small gyms in my country, caters more to men looking to get “jacked”, and have weights that have seen better, non-rusting days, but it also has more of the basics covered like a proper apparatus to do seated cable rows.  Can you imagine the chain gym doesn’t even have one of those?

Still, I was able to get a good workout.  I had to be a lot more careful when doing my front squats and incline barbell presses as there were no clips in sight to secure the plates on the bars.  I always prefer to use those for safety whenever possible.  I also had to recompute my exercises to use pounds since the weight plates in the chain gym were in kilograms.  The heavy rains that fell while I was at the gym didn’t help much in cooling me down; by the end of my workout I was literally drenched in sweat even if I was doing low reps and longer rest periods due to the 5X5 protocol I was using today.

This session just might give my body additional incentive to grow as everything was just slightly different from the way I have been used to doing things, so it’s a bit of an additional challenge.

Keep challenging yourselves in different ways and improve!

Day 361 - Front Day 361 - Back Day 361 - Side

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