Day 359: Crying out for blood

Day 359

Today’s training was another high-volume, whole-body one, starting off with 5X3 jump squats with 75s rest, using a clean and jerk to get the bar into position.  This was followed by alternating sets of wide-grip pulldowns and dumbbell overhead push presses (both 2X20 with 45s rest), alternating sets of dumbbell Romanian deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats (again both 2X20 with 45s rest), and then finally alternating sets of reverse crunches (2X20) and side planks (2X45s/side) with 45s rest.  The lower-body sets really tested me and my legs were wobbly afterwards.  Following up the lower-body work with reverse crunches was also quite painful, as the “burn” in my legs (especially in my lower quads) returned after several reps of holding my legs up in the air!  Must be the muscles literally crying out for blood!

Today’s nutrition was up to plan, but yesterday wasn’t as good, as one of my staff treated us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant for her birthday.  I simply substituted that lunch for two of my meals in the afternoon, to stay reasonably close to my regular caloric intake for the day.

Things have been starting to get hectic for me as I prepare for my upcoming business trip.  As my birthday is also coming up in a few weeks, I’ll have to take my colleagues out for lunch before I go this weekend!  It shouldn’t hurt my nutrition plan too badly as long as I choose and plan well.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 359 - Front Day 359 - Back Day 359 - Side

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