Day 357: On hitting goals with disciplined effort

Day 357

After a weekend of catching up on my sleep, I slept quite a bit late last night as I wanted to finish watching the Wimbledon (tennis) men’s singles final. What a match between Federer and Roddick! I feel for Roddick as I know he worked really hard on his fitness and discipline to get back into contention for the grand slams. Reading more on Roddick’s return to top competition, I noted that among the things that his new coach instilled in him was more discipline with regard to what he eats and even at what time and how many hours of sleep he gets every night. That’s something that I will have to keep in mind if I want to be performing at top condition both in and out of the gym.

This evening’s workout was a little bit tougher than the previous ones, as it should be. The primary challenge was doing 5X3 dumbbell snatches. After a few warmup sets at lighter weights, I was did 4 sets at 70lbs, and tried (and succeeded) with doing 3 reps at 75 kg. It was tough (especially with my weaker left side), it wasn’t perfect nor very pretty, but I was able to do it, and it brought a smile to my face! Next time I’ll try the same weight while making sure to exhibit better form.

The rest of the whole-body training session was high-volume (2X20), short rest periods (45s) of alternating push/pull exercises. Especially tough was the alternating sets of front squats and step ups, with the barbell bent-over rows + incline barbell presses not too far behind. The finisher was woodchops alternating with three-point planks.

Keep training hard, and watch your form!

Day 357 - Front Day 357 - Back Day 357 - Side

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