Day 355: Making a power combo

Day 355

It’s my third weight training day of the week, on another hot, humid Saturday in Manila.

Today’s training was another whole-body affair, including jump squats (4×4), alternating pullups + overhead dumbell push presses (4X10), alternating dumbbell Romanian deadlifts + Bulgarian split squats (4X10), and then finally alternating reverse crunches and side planks.  With the jump squats, instead of using a squat rack to get the bar onto my back, I decided to lay the bar on the ground and then power-clean and then press it before placing the bar into position on my back.  That made it a combo movement, which I liked as it made the exercise quite a bit more challenging!

On all the weighted exercises, I was able to push/pull a bit more weight relative to the corresponding workout, and that makes me one happy lifter.

I have almost exactly one week before I need to pack my luggage and go on another 2-3 month business trip, this time to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  I do hope I’ll be able to find a suitable place to continue my training and be able to find good food to support my nutrition program.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Day 355 - Front Day 355 - Back Day 355 - Side

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