Day 352: Hitting a ceiling with dumbbell snatches

Day 352

This evening’s training was for the whole body again. I did 4X4 dumbbell snatches at 70lb. I actually tried to do 75lb on my last set, but could only manage 2 reps with my left arm (which is my weaker side so I do it first). I really did not want to increase the load while sacrificing proper form on this very technical exercise, so I dropped back to 70lb for the last two reps of the final set for both arms.

This was followed by 4X10 front squats + step ups, 4X10 barbell bent-over rows + incline barbell presses, and then finally 2X15 woodchops + 2X45s three-point planks (switching feet for the second set).

On all the exercises I made sure to improve over my previous recorded weights. Especially due to the dumbbell snatches, I could already feel that my body is going to ache tomorrow (especially my traps).

The only problem with my nutrition plan today was I wasn’t able to eat as much fruit as I wanted to, as I have not had time to go to the supermarket to get some last night.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 352 - Front Day 352 - Back Day 352 - Side

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