Day 350: Adjusting to my teeth again

Day 350

It was the second heavy/5X5 training day of this current cycle.  Not much different to report training-wise, but I can report that I was able to significantly increase the loads on each exercise while keeping good form.

On the nutrition front, it’s been quite a battle for me to be able to eat the 5 meals that I have scheduled for today.  I normally eat 5 or 6 small meals a day in order to avoid overeating, but since last night, overeating has been the last thing on my mind.  That’s because yesterday my dentist made some adjustments to my braces again, and since then it hurts just to chew my food, as both my left and right sets of canines hit each other when I bite!  There were also some additional bands put in between my upper and lower teeth.  Good thing that I had prepared some relatively soft food (chicken breasts, fish, and egss) mostly, but the blanched vegetables were still a chore.  I just had to resign myself to eating much more slowly than I usually do.  The pain of adjustment usually subsides within a few days, a week at most.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 350 - Front Day 350 - Back Day 350 - Side

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