Day 347: Getting over a migraine

Day 347

It was supposed to be another day, starting with breakfast, packing my meals for the day, taking a shower, and then heading off to work.  Just before I showered, however, my vision started getting blurry and getting “halo” effects, signs of the onset of a migraine.  By the time I finished my shower, the symptoms have gotten worse and I decided to take the day off work.  Sure enough, a few minutes later, the migraine pain developed, and so I looked for my medicine (not easy when my vision was very blurry), took it, put on a sleeping mask on my eye, and then went back to bad.

I woke up a few hours later just in time for lunch, feeling better than I did earlier.  A few more hours of sleep after lunch, and I felt good enough to do my training in the early evening.  It’s a good thing today’s migraine was relatively mild compared to some of my previous ones.

Today’s training was 4X4 dumbbell snatches, followed by 5X5 front squats + step ups (90s rest), 5X5 bent-over barbell rows + incline barbell presses (90s rest), and then finally wood chops + three-point planks (45s rest).  As with all of my 5X5 workouts, I focused on being moving the heaviest weights I can while maintaining proper form.  I was able to increase the loading on all of my exercises compared to my previous corresponding 5X5 workout.

In between my lower body and upper-body sets, I took a little bit of time to help an acquaintance of mine in the gym to learn how to do back squats.  Though doing this added some time to my session, I was happy to share what I know about an exercise I enjoy, one that I rarely see being done properly (or being done at all) in the commercial gym I go to.

Eat right, train hard, share what you know with others, and expect success!

Dat 347 - Front Day 347 - Back Day 347 - Side

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