Day 345: Typhoon brewing

Day 345

A typhoon was due to pass through Metro Manila today.  People around were anxious to avoid being stuck in floods on the way home, but fortunately, there wasn’t too much rain (more wind really) where I live.  The passing storm also dropped the temparature a few degrees, bringing a bit of relief to us who have been in sweltering heat for the past week.

My mom actually warned me that the weather forecast was for the main part of the storm to pass near our place by around 8 in the evening, which is about the time that I am supposed to be in the gym doing my training.  Still, as the rains didn’t seem to be threatening, I still went through with my training and started by doing foam rolling at home.  I even used my bike to get to the gym, even though there was already a drizzle while I was riding.

All of my workouts for this current 6-week phase are whole body workouts, started with a “power” move, and then continuing with alternating exercises using complementary movements.  Today was jump squats day, followed by upper body vertical pull+vertical push, and then quad+hip dominant lower body, and then two alternating core exercises.  The paired exercises used 2X20 sets with just 45 seconds rest in between sets, so the exercises were relatively light but fast paced; it was a “feel the burn”  type of workout.

After some static stretching and drinking my protein shake, I rode home.  The rain wasn’t falling, but my bike was wet and the wind had picked up a bit.  I hope the typhoon doesn’t get any stronger.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 345 - Front Day 345 - Back Day 345 - Side

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