Day 343: On living a fit and healthy life

Day 343

This evening it was back to high-reps (2X20), short rest periods (45s), whole-body training. I felt the burn, especially in my legs when I alternated front squats with step ups to a 50cm height. Still, the best part of the workout was the opener of dumbbell snatches, where I was able to complete my first set of 70lb snatches!

I was also catching up on my reading today, and I read a blog post on Male Pattern Fitness on what it means to be fit and healthy. Too often we focus on looking good, while forgetting that being fit and healthy also means feeling good and also performing/moving well in the “real” world. I agree. What use is having six-pack abs and big muscles when you cannot help in moving things around the house because you’re always feeling pain everywhere on your body and are exhausted from gruelling workouts? What use is it to be always lean and “ripped” but not being able to enjoy good food with friends and family? True, when on a “mission” you should focus on strict compliance (90% or better), but one cannot be on a mission all the time.

The key, from what I understood from the blog post, is consistent application of the principles of healthy living everyday, focus on compliance when there is a definite goal to chase, but also giving your body (and mind) time to relax and enjoy.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 343 - Front Day 343 - Back Day 343 - Side

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