Day 342: Badminton

Day 342

Just got back from an hour of badminton with my eldest brother.  He had invited me last Friday to play, and I figured playing should provide me with a good change from lifting weights.  It’s only my second time to play on a proper badminton court, so I was excited to play and see how much my training has carried over to improvement in the “real” world.

I had lots of fun!  At the start, I had some major problems getting the racket and the shuttlecock to connect in the proper way, but as I got the hang of it, I began to get a bit more competitive.  My brother coached me in how to hold the racket properly, gave me tips on footwork, and a little bit of strategy as well.  Though I couldn’t beat my brother (unless he was playing with his weaker/left hand), I know that with more practice, I can get better at it.

That one hour of play must have burned a lot of calories!  I look forward to another session perhaps next weekend.


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