Day 341: Stifling Humidity

Day 341

I had to delay my last workout of the week by one day, as I had a big problem to solve at work and I didn’t want to leave it hanging over the weekend and affecting my state of mind.

That said, today, Saturday, has been a very humid day!  I try to take the opportunity to catch up on my sleep on Saturdays and/or Sundays, either by waking up a bit later than usual, or getting a few more hours of sleep after breakfast.  Today, however, as the day went past, it became more and more humid, such that it soon became uncomfortable to sleep.  I still got a few extra hours of sleep, so I am happy.

In the mid-afternoon, I proceeded to the gym to do my whole-body training, mostly using a 4X8 scheme, alternating exercises with 60 seconds rest in between.  The nice thing about my current program is that there is always a “power” move to start of the workout, and today it is jump squats.  I was able to progress the weight by adding another 2.5kg to the barbell, for a total of 45kg on a 5X5 format.  I also felt that my form on this exercise has improved even if I added some weight, which is good as having improper form when doing an explosive exercise such as this can lead to injury.

By the time I finished the jump squats, I was already sweating profusely.  Three more pairs of exercises were still to go: a pair for the vertical push/pull, a pair of lower body exercises (including the dreaded Bulgarian split squats), and a pair of exercises for the core.  I had to take a bit more time with the lower body exercises as I was feeling a bit queasy and faint; I think the humidity (even in the airconditioned gym) and the aerobic demand of the exercises were getting a bit much.  I just soldiered on and finished the session, did a bit of stretching, had my protein shake, and took a nice warm/cold shower.  I felt better after that and then had a good post-workout meal.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 341 - Front Day 341 - Back DAy 341 - Side

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