Day 338: Knackered

Day 338

It’s been quite a busy day for me. There were a few errands I needed to run both within my work day and after my work day, so that I ran a little bit late on my way to my training session in the gym. What was worse, it has been raining all day here in Manila. Luckily, it was only drizzling by the time I was going to the gym, so I decided to use my bike instead of using public transport as it would be both cheaper and faster (though a little bit wetter).

Today’s workout was whole-body training using the 1st set of exercises I have been using on this phase, but using a middle-range set/rep scheme on most exercises (4X10). I was fortunately able to choose appropriate weights for the exercises, so much so that at the end of my workout I was really knackered! Starting a workout with dumbbell snatches was fun and really gets the sweat going. Riding back home (in a drizzle again), I gladly ate my dinner, then repeatly fell asleep as I tried to relax by watching some television. This should make for a nice, deep sleep tonight!

Eat right, train hard, keep pushing your limits, and expect success!

Day 338 - Front Day 338 - Back Day 338 - Side

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