Day 336: Jump Squats and DB OH Push Presses

Day 336

Today was another heavy, 5X5 training day for the whole body, with a different set of exercises compared to last. Actually, I did the same exercises two workouts ago but with a different set/rep/rest scheme, the workout felt totally different.

Highlights on this one were the jump squats and dumbbell overhead push presses, two exercises which I did not have in any of my previous programs. Jump squats are where you squat down and then explode upwards so that you well, jump off the ground as high as you can. Initially, as a warmup, I did it without a bar, then added the bar (20kg), then 10kg, and then finally did 3X5 with 22.5kg added, for a total of 42.5kg. It was fun, but definitely something that you can’t do too many of as it really pushes you both in terms of the cardiovascular system and the power in your lower body.

For the dumbbell overhead push press, you take a dumbbell, raise it to shoulder height, and then squat a little bit down to aid in pushing the dumbbell over your head. As this one was 5X5, I had to use a weight that was quite a bit heavier than I would use for a normal overhead press, and since the weight is overhead (and heavy), it added the challenge of keeping balance!

Nutrition was mostly up to plan. These days, I normally prepare all my meals save for dinner, which always is a family meal. We usually eat quite healthy food, but I do have to watch how much I eat. Part of eating right is meal preparation, and I’ve just come off the stove after a late-night (almost midnight) cooking session with some pan-grilled chicken breasts marinated in teriyaki-flavoured sauce. I still have some blanched mixed veggies which I prepared last night, so that should do me good for a couple of days.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 333 - Front Day 336 - Back Day 336 - Side

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