Day 323: Trying out a new exercise

Day 323

This week I am doing two to three training sessions to try out a few new exercises and get a “baseline” for my next mission.  It was raining all day again here in Manila, so I had to commute to the gym instead of taking my bike (which hasn’t been repaired yet – no time!).  I had fun trying out dumbbell snatches, something I’ve never done before!  The other exercises were part of a full-body, high-rep, short rest period, alternating-exercise training plan, which I reckon is something my body needs to lose some of the fat I gained while continuing to gain lean muscle.  I can definitely say that I am biased toward lower rep ranges; muscular endurance is something that I need to develop still.

I also need to develop better sleeping habits.  Having too little sleep (just 6 hours on some days) affects recovery and training performance.  I have to really mind my rest time if I want to be more successful in future missions.

Eat right, train hard, sleep well, and expect success!

Day 322 - Front Day 323 - Back Day 323 - Side

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