Day 322: Mission 3 Complete, planning next phase

Day 322

I completed my Mission 3 yesterday, which covered a period of 98 days excluding the three-week period that I went on holiday and worked on a short project, which corresponds to about 124 days total.  I took my measurements today and here’s what I got:

Day 197 (Mission Start) Day 322 (Mission End) Change
Date 2009-01-28 2009-06-01 124
Weight (kg) 67.4 70.7 3.3
Body fat (%) 8.3 10.5 2.2
Fat mass (kg) 5.6 7.4 1.8
Lean mass (kg) 61.8 63.3 1.5

Comparison pics

Day 197 - Front Day 197 - Back Day 197 - Side
Day 322 - Front Day 322 - Back Day 322 - Side

As you can see, I did gain muscle at a reasonable rate (0.5kg/month if you exclude the 3-week break), but I also gained slightly more fat together with it. This leads me to my next mission, in which I aim to lose the fat I gained while maintaining or possibly adding to the muscle I have gained.

The areas for improvement that I see are added energy systems work (cardio), which I did not do at all while on Mission 3, as well as better computation of my caloric requirements and macronutrient ratios.

This evening, I wanted to try out a some new exercises in the gym as I plan my next mission, but as I was on my way there on my bike, my bike got a flat rear tyre again! I disappointedly walked my bike home and did about 15 minutes of continuous, steady running on the road instead. Good thing the rain has stopped for today.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


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