Day 320: Waiting for the rain to stop – NOT

Day 320

I postponed my training session from last night to this morning in order to be with my workmates at dinner.

In the morning after breakfast, I started preparing for my training session.  I did my foam rolling, wrote down my training plan, and then prepared my whey protein shake and water bottle.  As I was going outside to get my bicycle, it started to rain.  I thought, I’d wait a few minutes and hopefully the rain will stop so that I can cycle my way to the gym.  The rain stopped after a few minutes, but as I put my shoes back on, it started raining again!  I was about to give up and postpone my training to the afternoon after lunch, but then thought I might just take public transport to get to the gym, so that’s what I did.

Training was high-reps (3X15) + short rest periods (45s or 30s) for the lower body, using the same exercises as before in alternating format: deadlifts + Bulgarian split squats, then goblet squats + reverse cable woodchops, and then finally planks.  The first combination was particularly taxing on both the muscles used and the cardiovascular system, but I tried to stick as close as I can to the recommended training pace.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 320 - Front Day 320 - Back Day 320 - Side

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