Day 317: Another bike incident

Day 317

Today was a high-rep upper-body training day.  Being the last one of this particular set/rep combination (3X15, alternating pull/push with 45-second rest periods) on my current program, I tried as much as I can to stick to the pace.  Thankfully, they gym wasn’t too crowded when I went in the evening, so I barely had to wait for the equipment I needed.  It became tough, however, to finish the last few reps especially in the second set of exercises which alternated wide grip lat pulldowns and bar dips, so I resorted to using a rest-pause technique to finish the last sets.

As I was riding my bike on the way home, looking forward to a good dinner to jumpstart my recovery, I realized something was wrong with my bike.  My bike got a flat rear tyre, just a quarter of the way home, so I was forced to dismount and walk with the bike.  As I was about a third of a kilometre from my house, it started to drizzle, so I had to pick up my pace, and I was running by the time I got to the house as it was already raining!

Oh well, a little steady state + HIIT cardio at the end of my resistance training is not a bad thing.

On the nutrition front, I have been on a regular, steady diet at work where I have been bringing my own food instead of going out with my coworkers.  As I am on a mass-building phase, I am eating every three hours, but as I eat while I am working in front of the computer, it sometimes takes me up 30-40 minutes to finish.  Recently, it has been taking me even longer as I have been forced to eat more slowly.  This is because my dentist adjusted my dental braces over the weekend and put a few more wires around my teeth, and replaced some bands which resulted in the side of my tongue regularly scraping my dental hardware!  Oh, I did say I’ll soldier on through this regardless of the braces.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 317 - Front Day 317 - Back Day 317 - Side

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