Day 315: Sweaty grip

Day 315

Today I was looking forward to my workout the whole day. It was 5X5 day for the lower body, which means I was due to lift some heavy weight!

I made sure to prepare for this by foam rolling with special focus on the lower body, then mobility and hip activation drills once I arrived at the gym. After that, with my earphones on and some good music on my player, I went and prepared the bar for deadlifts and a pair of dumbbells for Bulgarian split squats. I increased my per-set weight on the deadlifts by 5kg over the corresponding previous workout, so on the last two sets I was to lift 125kg, just 5kg shy of my best 5X5 lift. I was doing well over the first three deadlift sets, even being able to stick to the 90-second rest periods, but during the last two sets, my grip began to get sweaty — I was sweating buckets even inside the air-conditioned gym. I don’t use gloves when I lift (something I have been practicing since I did Stronglifts 5X5), so sweaty palms are undesirable. I had to stop midway through the last two sets to wipe the bar and my hands, and almost lost grip on the very last rep! I did not have much problem with the split squats, however, as the dumbbells were not quite as heavy.

Next up were 3 sets of goblet squats and cable reverse woodchops with 30s rest between sets. This was another intense combination, and really raised my heartrate up. Finally, I did two sets of 60s planks. I threw on two sets of alternate external dumbbell shoulder rotations to promote shoulder health.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 315 - Front Day 315 - Back Day 315 - Side

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