Day 313: Very humid

Day 313

I originally intended to do my training this morning, after getting a good amount of sleep last night, though interrupted at least twice to pee as I have increased my fluid intake these past few days. This is because it has been oppressively hot and humid here in Manila. Normally, I am spared (a bit) during weekdays as my workplace is airconditioned, but even there the A/C is not sufficient. Staying at home without A/C just drained the energy from my body. It didn’t help that my lower body started to ache as a delayed reaction to my good workout the other day. Instead, I just tried to sleep and let my body recover, but it was difficult to get continuous sleep as I frequently woke up in sweat even if I lay on my bed with the fan on.

I finally went late, late in the afternoon, after the day had cooled somewhat. After doing my foam rolling at home, cycling to the gym and then performing mobility drills, I did upper-body training with a mid-range set/rep scheme (4X10), still using alternating sets of push/pull exercises. I improved a little bit on each exercises, so I am happy with the result.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 313 - Front Day 313 - Back Day 313 - Side

One thought on “Day 313: Very humid

  1. Hey Ron

    Good job on improving your exercise scores again.

    I really feel you on the heat problem.
    Its usually unbearibly hot here in texas as well.
    But we have AC in the dorms. Lucky me.

    Shred on buddy

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