Day 311: Lost and found

Day 311

In my previous post, I wrote about the importance of keeping a training journal.  Imagine my horror when, as I was packing my bag this evening after work to go to the gym, I realized that my training journal was missing!  In addition, the skies were rumbling with thunder, and threatened to pour any minute while I was doing my foam rolling at home.  I didn’t want it to rain as I was going to take my bike to the gym.

It actually rained for a few minutes while I prepared my stuff, but it soon abated and I was able to get to the gym without getting wet.  However, I still had to write down my intended workout for the day, but without any reference, I had to work from memory.

Today’s session was for the lower body, same exercises as before, first 4X8 alternating between deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats with 60s rest in between, and then 3X8 goblet squats alternating with 3X10 reverse cable wood chops with 30s rest, and then finally two 60s planks with 60s rest.  Each set became tougher and tougher, especially on the first combination as I increased the load on the deadlift with each set.  It consequently became harder and harder to stick to the 60s rest so I had to take a few extra moments during on my last set and in between the first and second combinations.  By the end of my workout, I felt a bit crazy, working out to my own music, in my own world ignoring the rest of the crowd going through their workouts.

On my way out of the gym, I asked the guy with Security if someone had endorsed a little training journal just like the one I had with me today, but just a different colour.  He said he saw one the other day left in the locker room and had put it aside for safekeeping.  Whew, I thought I’d lost it!

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 311 - Front Day 311 - Back Day 311 - Side

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