Day 309: Two weeks more

Day 309

To all those who wished my father and mother well on my dad’s 70th birthday and their wedding anniversary, thanks. It turned out great. My mom cooked some whole wheat spaghetti and I cooked roast pork and boiled mixed vegetables for our special lunch; the food turned out great.

I originally planned to finish Mission 3 in 84 days, but since I took a significant (almost 3-week) break from training, I decided to extend this mission by another 2 weeks, by repeating the last two weeks of the program I am following from Built For Show.  Once I finish this mission, I plan to change gears from muscle gain to fat loss.

So today, it was upper-body training day. Still the same exercises, alternating between push and pull exercises using a 6X5 format with 90 seconds rest in between. Since this particular set/rep scheme is biased toward strength, I made sure to push the limits on the weights that I used; I always bring my training journal with me so I know how much weight I used in the previous session which used the same training parameters (that was exactly 6 sessions ago). The training journal is essential when following this program as the set-rep scheme varies every workout in 2-week cycles. No, change that, a training journal is essential when following any program if you want to make sure that you are constantly striving to better your last workout.

I was able to improve on the four main exercises, but had problems getting the dumbbells up into position for the heaviest sets of incline dumbbell presses.  Another note in the journal, another target to hit on my next workout.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 309 - Front Day 309 - Back Day 309 - Side

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