Day 306: Sweat-soaked

Day 306

I postponed my planned workout last night to this morning, as I had to stay in the office a bit longer than usual.

Legs. Semi-solid.  That’s how mine felt after today’s workout.  I did 3 alternating sets of deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, 12 reps each with just 45 seconds rest in between (or at least I tried to get as close to 45 seconds).  After that, goblet squats alternating with low-to-high cable woodchops, with 30 seconds rest in between, followed by two 60-second planks.  The training session was quick, but it was brutal.  Even in an airconditioned gym, I was sweating a lot, not just because of the effort I had to put into my workout, but also because it was very humid outside.

Tomorrow is a rest day from training, but it’s also my father’s 70th birthday and my parent’s wedding anniversary, so I spent the afternoon buying some stuff to prepare for tomorrow’s celebration with family.

Hope your weekends are going well and you are all keeping your goals in mind!

Day 306 - Front Day 306 - Back Day 306 - Side

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