Day 303: Feeling the higher reps

Day 303

After work today I trained my upper body using a higher rep range (3X15) with just 45 seconds in between sets.  Like my previous workouts on this program, every exercise alternated with another, generally in a push+pull combination.  So today it was bent-over barbell rows with underhand grip + incline dumbell press, then wide-grip lat pulldown + dip, and finally reverse crunch + side plank.  In general I tend to over-estimate my own strength and powers of recovery when doing high-rep sets with minimal rest, but this time I got pretty close, except for the dip where I could only go to 10-11 reps on the second and third sets even without any additional weight.  The 45-second rest periods, even with the alternating set format, doesn’t leave much time for recovery.  A good point today, however, was that I practiced squeezing my scapulae at the bottom of the lat pulldowns, and I kept pretty good form on it until almost the very end.  Proper exercise form is something that should not be sacrificed in order to get additional reps!

Nutrition was pretty good today, and during the past week at work, as I had already started bringing my own food again to work.

Oh, by the way, my cold is almost gone!  Hopefully I should be fully recovered by the weekend.

Day 303 - Front Day 303 - Back Day 303 - Side

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