Day 301: Training heavy

Day 301

Today, the main part of my workout was 5X5 training for the lower body, alternating between deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats with 90 seconds rest in between. This was followed by goblet squats and reverse cable woodchops (again in alternating sets), and finishing off with planks. It felt great especially when I really pushed/pulled hard with the deadlifts/split squats combination. Since it was 5X5, it was time to really try to go as heavy as I can, and I increased the weights on deadlifts until I did 120kg on my last set. I was not attempting a PB (that requires a long buildup like the Stronglifts program), but it was close. The intensity was really good and I was sweating buckets by the end!

Day 301 - Front Day 301 - Back Day 301 - Side

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