Day 299: Bicycle problem

Day 299

I was supposed to do my training last evening. I was all set; I had done my foam rolling at home, had a shot of coffee to get me all fired up, and hopped on to my bike for the short ride to the gym. Unfortunately, my bike’s derailleur decided to malfunction as I was just a few hundred meters from my destination, and stuck itself into the spokes of the rear wheel. Good thing I did not crash, but after getting the derailleur unstuck and disengaging the rear wheel from the frame, I found that the machinery was bent and now unusable. I called my brother using my mobile as he was more knowledgeable on servicing a bicycle, but when he arrived a few minutes later, he just confirmed what I thought and so we just disengaged the chain, put the rear wheel back on, and walked the bike home. By that time it was too late to go back to the gym, so I decided to postpone it until the morning.

In the late morning, I decided to proceed with my training. Today’s training session was for the upper body. Sets of 4X10 with 60 seconds rest in between, alternating between pull and push exercises. I was a little bit too agressive with increasing the resistance on my previous corresponding workouts, and had some trouble completing the last sets of the exercises. I just made sure I wrote every set and weight down in my training journal so that I know next target will be, and that is always to improve on what I have done previously. If today I could not complete some of the sets, my next workout I will.

I still have my cold, but I’m getting better now, not nearly as bad as it was for most of the week. To aid in my recovery, I got a few more hours of sleep in the late afternoon in front of an electric fan, perfect during this hot, humid, muggy day.

Day 299 - Front Day 299 - Back Day 299 - Side

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