Day 296: Riding home in the rain after a focused training session

Day 296

I’ve had a cold for the past two days.  Most of the day, either of my nostrils is blocked and the other is a bit runny.  I survived the day at work, but was looking forward to my workout at night.  Usually, when I go to the gym, however bad I am feeling (colds, migraines, soreness), most of my symptoms disappear when I’m in the middle of my workout.

So I rushed home, did my foam rolling, then cycled to the gym.  A few meters out from the building, I felt a few spots of rain.  It’s been raining off and on for the past few days here in Manila, and it has been very humid.  Maybe that’s why I became susceptible to developing a cold.  I parked and locked my bike, and off to the gym I went.

I put on my earphones, played some good heavy music, and went into my workout, not talking or even greeting anybody I happened to know at the gym.  I was just focused on doing my lower body workout; deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, goblet squats, reverse woodchops, and planks.  I didn’t care about making some noise at the peak gym hour after work; the clanging of the barbell as it hits the ground in the deadlifts, nor the grunts and other noises I made as I aimed to get all my reps.  The familiar woozy feeling after each set of deadlifts can be addictive.

With nary a word, I went back to the locker room, changed my sweat-soaked shirt, and then headed back out to cycle home.  Alas, it was raining by that time.  I had no choice but to cycle in the rain.  Gladly, I had some ziplock bags in my backpack in which I could put my phone and music player.  I’m glad it’s only about 2 km to the gym; any longer and I would have been soaking wet by the time I got home.

Pics were taken just after I got home.

Day 296 - Front Day 296 - Back Day 296 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 296: Riding home in the rain after a focused training session

  1. Hi Ron,

    I have just started my first Mission on the RTP Shreddersphere 2.0 and came across your blog. I would love your support and feedback along the way. You are looking great! Keep up your focus and commitment and your reward will be massive.


    • Hi Renae,

      Thanks for your encouragement, Renae. I’ll make sure to drop by your blog and check on your progress. Stay focused and good luck!

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