Day 294: Back to the program!

Day 294

Today I resumed my program. Yesterday, I bought some fresh food from the supermarket, but as it was already late, I was only able to prepare my lunch and two sandwiches for work.  I had 5 meals approximately 3 to 3.5 hours in between.  Today, I planned to do some more cooking, but have to postpone it as there is no flowing water from our taps.  The water supply in our suburb can be unreliable; we have a water tank as reserve, but that already ran out and we still have no water coming in.

I went to the gym after work to do my upper body training.  I did my foam rolling at home before going to the gym, then rode my bike to the gym as a warmup.  My workout used 6X5 sets and alternating push/pull exercises with 90 seconds rest in between sets.  I was able to push quite hard; it seems I did not lose that much strength and in fact was able to increase the loads on some of my exercises.  All in all, a great workout, as it should be as I only have 2 weeks to go according to the program. I’m thinking I might extend it by redoing the 2nd phase (6 weeks).

As I was cycling to and from the gym, I did not bring fresh clothes and intended to shower at home.  By the time I got home, I realized there’s no water to shower with!  Hopefully we’ll get some trickle late at night, or else, I’ll have to shower at the gym before going to work tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to do my accountability log yet (I haven’t quite finished transferring my files from my work laptop to my personal laptop), but I was able to take pictures. I realize that a few of my postural issues have come back, so I have to take extra care to be conscious of my body’s alignment.

Day 294 - Front Day 294 - Back Day 294 - Side

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