Day 290: Lightheaded

Day 290

I woke up earlier than usual today as I planned to do my workout before going to work.  I wanted to just cycle to 2 km to the gym and back, but it was raining (it had been raining since the previous night), so I had to resort to using public transport to get there.

Training today was a Built For Show’s Fall program, the lower-body workout for the second phase.  Among the exercises: deadlifts!  I have missed the feeling of being slightly lightheaded after a good set of deadlifts.  As I am using this week as a warmup/restart week, I did not push as hard as I can, but focused on letting my mind and body remember the proper movement patterns for the exercises.

It was still raining by the time I got out of the gym, so I had to rush to get home, shower, and eat another meal.  Speaking of meals, my meals today weren’t too bad, but I think I was on the lower side of my caloric target for gaining muscle.  This weekend should allow me to prepare more food myself rather than relying on purchased food.


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