Day 257: Upper-body workout

Day 257

I did upper-body training today, sets for 4X10 with 60 seconds rest in between, alternating between push/pull exercises.  Pushed quite hard, but didn’t quite finish the 10 reps toward the later part of a few of the exercises.  I know though, that I’ll be able to do so next time!

I probably won’t be posting tomorrow as I’ll be going on a weekend sightseeing trip and I won’t be bringing my laptop with me.  I’ll try as much as possible to eat healthy nutritious food throughout, and am packing a few protein bars for insurance.

Enjoy your weekends!


Day 257 - Front Day 257 - Back Day 257 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 257: Upper-body workout

  1. Hi Ron,

    Kumasta Ka?
    It has been a while since you have had some comments. So how much progress have you made in trying to get big. It seems to me that your back is bigger, and you look less crooked. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jay, thanks for visiting! I’m doing okay in getting big, but I found that’s it takes a lot more patience trying to get more muscle compared to losing fat! I’m glad that I’m starting to straighten out a bit compared to before.

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