Day 250: High-volume challenges

Day 250

Today’s workout was high-volume (3X15), lower-body (including the deadlift + Bulgarian split squats), with only 45 seconds between the main sets.  As this was the first time for me to do these exercises with this particular scheme, I needed to estimate the weights to use.  I think I used too much weight for the deadlift and split squats so I wasn’t able to complete 15 reps on the later sets, so I’ll have to adjust later on.  I also think that I did not consider the amount of time between sets when I planned my weights, as it was really hard to recover my breath quickly when the weights are too heavy!  There were times toward the end when I took over a minute to recover.  Lesson learned – I’ll need to be more conservative especially when doing something for the first time.

I also think that my less than sufficient sleep last night affected my workout today.  I stayed up a bit late as I was researching some things on the net before I slept.  I really, really need to get more sleep per night on average if I want my workouts to not be wasted.

Eat right, train hard, rest well, and expect success!


Day 250 - Front Day 250 - Back Day 250 - Side

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