Day 248: Hurting, but still at it

Day 248

I was trying to decide the whole day whether I should push through with a workout today, or get a day of rest in between as I normally would.  For one thing, I was feeling some pain in my inner right thigh (hip adductors) after straining it a bit during yesterday’s heavy lower-body workout.  In the end, I decided to push through as I wanted to get back on schedule and have my Thursday night and Saturday free.

After doing foam rolling for the whole body (focussing especially on my legs which were hit hard yesterday), I did a high-rep workout for the upper body.  I alternated between push/pull exercises, using 3X15 and just 45 seconds rest.  Though I tried to estimate the loading as best as I can, I still ended up short in the last sets of some of the exercises, telling me that I have to swallow my ego a bit and start with less weight!  At least I know what to aim for next time, as as usual, I noted down all of my sets, reps, and weights.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 248 - Front Day 248 - Back Day 248 - Side

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