Day 247: Unintentionally Offline

Day 247

I unintentionally left my laptop at the office yesterday, so I am posting Day 217 a day late.  As planned, I went to the gym in the evening for my lower-body workout.  The highlight of that workout was alternating sets of deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, using 5X5 set-rep scheme and 90 seconds rest between sets.  I loaded the bar for the deadlifts quite heavily (more than my 4X8) and also the split squats.  I did not expect to set any PBs, but I did expect it to be tough.  And it was!  Ninety seconds was hardly enough time to recover between two very difficult exercises.  At one point toward the later sets, I think I strained my right hip adductor.  It made it more difficult to continue, but I was able to complete the exercises.  It’s been a bit painful right after my workout, but I think it should subside in a few days.

Being offline for one night was somewhat refreshing anyway, and a side effect was that I was able to sleep a little bit earlier, hehe.


Day 247 - Front Day 247 - Back Day 247 - Side

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