Day 244: The sand run that never was

Day 244

I really, really planned to do some HIIT this afternoon on the beach (on the sand) instead of the by the beach (on the footpath). However, the weather did not play nice today. It was cold and windy since the morning. Not that I minded much—it allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep in the morning, and catch up with some reading too.

In the late afternoon, I looked out the window and saw that the sun was shining,  I dressed up to run: shorts, shirt,  and sandals – as I said, I wanted to run in the sand.  The moment I stepped out onto the street I knew my plans were not to be.  The wind had grown even stronger, and it was chilly!  By the time I walked the 200 meters to the beach, I saw big waves crashing onto the seawall,  spraying the footpath wet.  No sand was in sight; it had all been eaten by the white surf.

I turned back, changed sandals into running shoes, went out again, and just did my run on the footpath.  I intended to do 20 minutes of 30s run, 30s walk cycles, but midway into my run, it started raining.  Not strongly (it is a rare day of strong rain in Adelaide), but enough to get me worried that I might catch a cold if I got wet while running in cold winds.  So I threw the intervals into the wind, and just sprinted most of the way back, turning my intervals into 60s+ run, 30s walk cycles.

I went out for dinner to the suburb’s main street (now dressed warmly), and after browsing the shops, people-watching, and buying a nice book to read, had a nightcap of hot chocolate.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 244 - Front Day 244 - Back Day 244 - Side

2 thoughts on “Day 244: The sand run that never was

    • Haha, my camera’s batteries ran out between the back and side pics, had to wait until the batteries were charged a bit, and then forgot to take the sandals off for the side pics. :p

      I’ll still do the sand run when the weather’s nicer.

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