Day 241: Great lower-body workout

Day 241

Just as with my last workout, today’s lower body workout was composed of a new set of exercises.  Like before, it uses an alternating exercise format, and today’s main exercises followed a 4X8 set-rep scheme.  The only thing was, the two main exercises were big ones: deadlifts and Bulgarian Split Squats.  Knowing that it will be a challenging workout, I made sure to do my foam rolling and dynamic stretches before going to the weights.

I warmed up with a little over half the weight intended to use, and I think I got the loading right for the real sets.  So much so, that after every set, it took me all of the 60-second rest periods to catch my breath before proceeding to the next set!  After completing that set of exercises, I really felt it in my whole lower body and I started walking a little funny while putting the weights away, not mention that I felt a bit lightheaded as a usually do after pushing hard on the prime exercises.

The next exercises were all related to the core such as goblet squats, woodchops (low to high), and planks.  I finished my workout drenched in sweat, knackered, but with a big smil on my face.  As I am typing this now before I go to bed (and even just an hour after my workout), I am already feeling the soreness everywhere!  That’s why I love those deadlifts.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 241 - Front Day 241 - Back Day 241 - Side

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