Day 240: HIIT without a (stop)watch

Day 240

As I planned yesterday, I did some HIIT running this evening after work.  Just before going out, I realized that I had neither a stopwatch nor a watch to keep time.  My watch gave out two days ago when I was away on my weekend trip.  That watch was special to me as I have had it for more than 17 years now (since I graduated from primary school).  I’ll probably have to wait until I get back to Manila to get it fixed.

Undeterred, I just put on my music player, and started warming up with a jog as I walked the less than 200 meters to the beach.  I just started counting the seconds of my intervals manually, and counted the number of intervals with my fingers.  I did 20 sets of 30s run + 30s walk by the beach foothpath before I cooled down and went back to the apartment.

I then started cooking the food I bought on my way home from work while having dinner.  I desperately had to do that tonight as I was running out of food already!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 240 - Front Day 240 - Back Day 240 - Side

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