Day 239: Resting, and training change

Day 239

No, I do not mean that I am abandoning Built for Show, which I have been following for the past 6 weeks. I mean, at this point, week 7 into the 12-week Fall program, the program changes the exercises in each workout. It still follows an “undulating periodization” set/rep scheme, and a lower/upper body split, but the exercises are now different. It does give me a new challenge, and challenging the body is what it is all about.

Today was an upper body, lower-rep day. Fortunately, the gym wasn’t crowded at all when I went (it is a holiday in Adelaide), so I was able to find time to set up and get the loading right.

The rest of the day, I basically rested, started to sort my recent pictures, and spent time keeping house! Tomorrow, I’ll be back to cooking big batches of protein for me to consume over the coming workweek. I also measured myself today, and found that I am gained more fat than muscle this week; I think I added too many calories to my food intake. I’ll have to get some HIIT running back into my program to keep the fat gain under control.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


Day 239 - Front Day 239 - Back Day 239 - Side

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