Day 238: Capping off my Outback experience

Day 238

My objectives for this day were relatively modest:

  • Be able to get to church and hear mass
  • Do a bit of sightseeing in Port Augusta before going back to Adelaide
  • Drive 320 km safely back to Adelaide
  • Eat approximately every three hours

I was successful in all of them, though my last meal was simply a snack of fruit and a cookie as I was still full after getting some pub grub for dinner, as a celebration of my just completed journey.

In Port Augusta, I visited the Wadlata Outback Centre, where I learned a lot about, well, the Outback and how it became what it is now.  It was a very informative exhibit, which enriched me and brought further light to what I experienced when I was in the Flinders Ranges yesterday.

There are so many thoughts going through my head as I reflect on my past two days, so it might be hard for me to fall asleep…  Hope your weekends were as awesome as mine has been!


Day 238 - Front Day 238 - Back Day 238 - Side

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