Day 237: Bushwalking!

Day 237

After making sure to get enough sleep to recover from yesterday’s long drive, I woke up, showered, had breakfast (fruit and protein pancakes), and then quickly drove off towards one of the scenic lookouts not far from Hawker, where I spent the night. Note that by “not far” I meant 40 kilometres away, which is a reasonably close distance in the rural areas here. I wanted to catch the morning light against the rock faces of the Flinders Ranges, and though I wasn’t very early, it was early enough for me to get some very nice pictures. This kicked off a whole day of driving and bushwalking to several scenic lookouts, seeing aboriginal cave paintings, passing by lots of kangaroos, goats, and birds, culminating with a bushwalk to a lookout inside Wilpena Pound.

Wilpena Pound as viewed from Pugilist Hill Lookout

Wilpena Pound as viewed from Pugilist Hill Lookout

After driving over 150 km from Wilpena on the road back to Adelaide, I decided to have dinner and spend the night in Port Augusta, which is at the crossroads of road and rail lines going north to Darwin, west to Perth, south to Adelaide, and east to Sydney. It’s the jump-off point for trips to the Outback, and I hope to learn a bit more before I drive back to Adelaide tomorrow.


Day 237 - Front Day 237 - Back Day 237 - Side

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